Friday, April 16, 2010

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Wu Kang contender for The Smallest Man in the World 2010

He looks like a toddler taking part in a doctor's check-up.

But this little "boy" wearing a nine-month-old baby's clothes is actually a 22-year-old man about to take a huge step on the world stage.

Official medical records at Tong Ji Hospital in Wuhan, eastern China show that Wu Kang officially measures up at just 68cm tall, or just short of 2ft 3ins.

Wu Kang has applied to Guinness World Records to be formally recognised as the new holder of the world's shortest man title.

The title is currently held by fellow Chinese citizen He Pingping who is 74.61cm tall, more than two inches taller than Kang,but he died on the13th of March 2010 .
Read more about him on MFS.


  1. Really? What a *****....Poor man, guy?????

    :P Have a wonderful, splendid, gorgeus, beautiful week-end, Williii! :D


  2. Will
    "What frightens us ?"

    Normal people..:P



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