Thursday, April 22, 2010

MFS - Strange But True - Creatures / Animals 14


The Nomura's jellyfish.
Nomura's Jellyfish (エチゼンクラゲ, echizen kurage?, Nemopilema nomurai) (for some time in the genus Stomolophus) was named in tribute to Mr. Kan'ichi Nomura (18??-19??), Director General of the Fukui Prefectural Fisheries Experimental Station, who in early December 1921 sent a specimen in a 72-litre wooden tank to Kishinouye, who found that it was unknown and spent some time at the station to study living specimens. It is a very large jellyfish, in the same size class as the lion's mane jellyfish, the largest cnidarian in the world. The diameter of one fully-grown is slightly greater than the height of an average fully grown man.

Growing up to 2 meters (6 feet 7 inches) in diameter and weighing up to 300 kilograms (ca. 660 pounds), Nomura's Jellyfish reside primarily in the waters between China and Japan, primarily centralized in the Yellow Sea and East China Sea.Read more about them on MFS,with 1 videoclip.


  1. It's so huge, but so beautiful.
    Lovely picures and scarring. I wish to enjoy scuba diving...someday..:D



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