Friday, April 9, 2010

MFS - The Other News


Here's a short compilation of this weeks Other News:

Polish President Lech Kaczynski dies in plane crash(Video).The president was flying in a Tupolev 154?

4,000 Inmates Died in Russian Prisons in 2009.2 square meters per person?

Behind France's Islamic veil "To me, the full veil, the covered face, it's a woman in a portable coffin."Andre Gerin.

British charity worker recovers from car crash in Romania,to speak with ROMANIAN accent.A "crash" language course?

Woman dies as tyre explodes in freak accident.Escapes a road bomb but gets killed by a spare tire?

Sandra Bullock prenuptials : You'll get zip if you cheat on me!Whoopi Goldberg:"I did it five or six times... "?

Palestinian women outraged over Turkish TV series.Maybe the producers confused it with the Armenian genocide?

Cannibal trial halted of girl, 16, who was 'eaten with potatoes'.Does Russia carry the death penalty?

Workers strike over ban on drinking at work.Drivers retained an old right to three beers per day?

Woman Mutilates Rapist’s Reproductive Organ."The woman clenched her teeth on his genitals"?

This week on The Other News 28 - 29 and there are so many more "Other News" stories , pics and video's there to discover.

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