Sunday, April 4, 2010

MFS - Strange But True - People 5


Updated on MFS - Strange But True 5 .
Aditya 'Romeo' Dev a.k.a.The smallest bodybuilder in the World
Aditya 'Romeo' Dev is a body builder with dwarfism made famous by being reported in the UK press in February 2008. Romeo can shoulder press custom made 1.5kg dumbbells, a notable feat given his 9kg (20 lbs.) body weight and 84cm (2' 9") stature. Although it has not been published in a Guinness World Records book, in 2006 they recognized him to be the "world's smallest bodybuilder".
Unlike many dwarfs, Romeo is well proportioned, having a head of 38cm (15 inches) and a chest of 51cm (20 inches). He maintains his figure by putting in long hours with his trainer Ranjeet Pal. Romeo enjoys great fame in his home country and makes many appearances on local television to show off his dancing abilities. In addition to bodybuilding, Romeo's dream is to travel extensively as an entertainer and dancer. One day he hopes to perform in London with his idol Jazzy B. Read more about him on MFS,with 1videoclip.

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