Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MFS - Strange But True - People 7


François-Dominique Toussaint L'ouverture , also Toussaint Bréda, Toussaint-Louverture (May 20, 1743–April 8, 1803) was a leader of the Haitian Revolution.He was also called "The Black George Washington" Born in Saint Domingue, in a long struggle for independence Toussaint led enslaved Africans to victory over Europeans, abolished slavery, and secured native control over the colony in 1797 while nominally governor of the colony. He expelled the French commissioner Léger-Félicité Sonthonax, as well as the British armies; invaded Santo Domingo to free the slaves there; and wrote a constitution naming himself governor-for-life that established a new polity for the colony.Read more about this remarquable man on MFS,a must read !With videoclip about his life.

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