Monday, September 28, 2009

MFS - Strange But True - People 7


Sir Henry Morton Stanley, GCB, born John Rowlands (28 January 1841 – 10 May 1904), was a Welsh journalist and explorer famous for his exploration of Africa and his search for David Livingstone. Stanley is often remembered for the words uttered to Livingstone upon finding him: "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?", although there is some question as to authenticity of this now famous greeting.With also a short part on Belgian Congo which Stanley explored for the Belgium King Leopold II.Read more about it on MFS.


  1. So sad, his life as a child. I can't imagine the pain of losing everyone and being sent to a workhouse for the poor. Heartbreaking that his mother and two siblings lived there too for a short while and he never knew.

    I'm so glad he was adopted even though for only a short time. At least he knew love then by a parent, so sad his adopted father died so soon.

    He had such interesting adventures and lead such an interesting life. Sad that he witnessed so many people die.

    "James Jameson, heir to an Irish whiskey manufacturer, bought an eleven-year old girl and offered her to cannibals to document and sketch how she was cooked and eaten. " I'm sure this upset Sir Henry Morton Stanley for many reasons. I would only assume that the little girl was poor (just always seems that was the case back then) and Henry could probably see himself in her.

    I'm so glad he found love and got married and gave a second chance to a little girl, who they adopted. It's a nice ending.

  2. Hi Tricia.
    Yes he had a harsh youth ,but this probably forged him to become the strong man he was.
    Actually his adopted father did not die so soon Stanley just embellished his own life story the man died only in 1878.
    Being a reporter he knew how to romanticize his stories .

  3. He lived a very interesting life. Thanks for the education. I really was unaware of all of these details. Take care.


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