Tuesday, December 29, 2009

MFS - Strange But True - Places 11


Updated on MFS - Strange But True - Places 11 .Piestewa Peak,Piestewa Peak (pronounced /paɪˈɛstʌwɑː piːk/ pie-ESS-tuh-wah, O'odham Vainom Do'ag, formerly Squaw Peak), at 2608 feet (795 meters) is the second highest point in the Phoenix Mountains, after Camelback Mountain, and the third highest in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. It is located in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. Piestewa Peak is named in honor of Army Spc. Lori Ann Piestewa, the first Native American woman to die in combat in the US military, and the first woman soldier to be killed in action in the 2003 Iraq Conflict.Read more about her on MFS ,with videoclip.

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