Wednesday, December 2, 2009

MFS - Strange But True - People 10


Updated on MFS - Strange But True - People 10 .
Hypertrichosis Aka "The Werewolf Syndrome"is a disorder characterized by excessive hair growth on the body. There are two distinct types of hypertrichosis: generalized hypertrichosis, which occurs over the entire body, and localized hypertrichosis, which is restricted to a certain area. Hypertrichosis may also be either congenital (present at birth), or acquired later in life. The excess growth of hair occurs in areas that are not androgen-dependent areas of the skin. Hypertrichosis differs from hirsuitism, which is abnormal hair growth on females in places which normally have minimal or no hair (i.e. chest hair, beard).We take a close look at 7 cases of this disease.Read more about it on MFS,with videoclip.Picture : Danny Ramos Gomez .

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