Monday, May 31, 2010

MFS - Strange But True - People 13


Lakshmi Tatama a.k.a. The Girl With Eight Limbs.
Lakshmi Tatama (Hindi: लक्ष्मी तात्मा = Lakṣmī Tātmā) is an Indian girl born in 2005 in a village in Araria district, Bihar, having "4 arms and 4 legs." She was actually one of a pair of ischiopagus conjoined twins where one twin was headless due to its head atrophying and chest underdeveloping in the womb. The result looked like one child with four arms and four legs.Read more about her on MFS,with 2 videoclips.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, God! How many people especially child I will see with diferent problems..Poor kid..!
    Im so, sorry for her!

    Have a nice day Will!


    PS- I do fear sometimes when a enter in this blog..:)) (also you, at dyeve -I know..:P)but we must share knowledge them better and maybe we can help somehow..I don't know..right now,I relly don't!


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