Friday, November 20, 2009

MFS - The Many FacesOf Spaces


Have A Great Week-End !
Updated on The Other News 8

'Fat for cosmetics' murder suspects arrested in Peru . That's it i'm going on a diet !
US window cleaner survives eight-storey fall .A bungee jumping guardian angel?
Cern Large Hadron Collider restarts after 14 months .A scientists roller coaster?
New fossils reveal a world full of crocodiles.-- BoarCroc, RatCroc, DogCroc, DuckCroc and PancakeCroc -- !
Movie popcorn still a nutritional horror, study finds. The nutritional equivalent of three Quarter Pounders topped with 12 pats of butter!
Brit Wins Memory Olympics memorizing 4,000 numbers in sequence.Now i forgot what i was talking about!
Eight Ways In-Vitro Meat will Change Our Lives . "Stewed Ahmadinejad?"
The Shroud of Turin ,Body inside ancient linen 'levitated' while leaving image. Ok sold!
GM crops have a role in preventing world hunger, chief scientist says. Lots of talk but litle is done!
Ancient Mummies Show Signs of Heart Disease.You can't blame this one on McDonald's!
Countries arming themselves for cyber war: McAfee. First target "Big Brother"?
Dirty, dirty PCs: The X-rated picture guide.Horror beyond human imagination!
US data firm blows s**t out of server.One way to terminate windows!
Blogger outs back-end Google tech.The "Soft" side ofGoogle?
Taiwanese online hunk lures 20 women into bed.In America sex is an obsession, in other parts of the world it is a fact.Marlene Dietrich!
Eye doc may lose license after calling patient fat!Perhaps she really needs glasses?????
Researcher: Faint writing seen on Shroud of Turin.Why write his name in 3 languages???
Stunning pictures of planet Earth at night! Great pics.
Bikini made of jewellery available for 30 million dollars.One second love where's my chequebook?


  1. What its sign?its look like to tell about something.

  2. Hi Julong ,the sign says"Have a great week-end"


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