Saturday, September 3, 2011

MFS - Strange But True - People 17


Updated on MFS - Strange But True - People 17

The Magnetic Boy - Ivan Stoiljkovic

The 6-year-old Croatian boy named Ivan Stoiljkovic is attracting media attention for his apparent ability to attract other things: Silverware, remote controls, cell phones and even a large frying pan seem to miraculously stick to the boy's skin. Ivan's family claims he's magnetic.

There are also claims from his family in Koprivnica, in Northern Croatia, of unusual levels of strength and even healing powers.

But one thing is for certain - when Ivan takes off his shirt, he is able to stick metallic objects such as spoons, mobile phones and even frying pans to his body.In total, his family says, he can carry up to 25kg of metal stuck to his torsoSo are is he and similar others really 'Magnetic'?Read the full story on MFS - Strange But True - People 17"MFS, with 3 videoclips.

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