Monday, March 15, 2010

MFS - Strange But True - Places 14


Updated on MFS -Strange But True - Places 14 .The Ships graveyard of Nouadhibou is the largest ship graveyard in the world consisting of abandoned ships. 104 partly visible and 22 already sunken ships were counted in 2004.The ship's graveyard is located east of the Ras Nouadhibou peninsula, which is located at Nouadhibou (formerly Port-Étienne), second largest city of Mauritania (West Africa). The ships are thereby protected against the waves and currents of the open ocean. Most of the wrecks located in the southeast Cansado Bay of Nouadhibou, the other vessels are moored in the northeast of the town of Baie du Repos and cover almost two kilometers along the coast. At least until 2004 some crew members still lived in some of the ships on behalf of the shipowner, the valuable equipment that was still on the ships - guarding mostly radar and radio equipment.Read more about it on MFS.

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