Saturday, January 23, 2010

MFS - Strange But True


Have a great Week-End !
This is Lily the bear ,she's about to give birth in her den!
You can follow her live on her webcam.


The long wait is over. When labor started at 1:59 PM CST yesterday, we thought it would be short. Cubs average only ¾ pound and 9 inches long. How long could that take? Along with thousands of you, we spent a sleepless night as bouts of labor continued for 21 hours and 39 minutes. Finally, at 11:38 AM CST, Lily made some contortions, looked under her, and began the intense sweet motherly grunts that bears only make to cubs. Could it be? A loud squawk from the cub made it definite. Lily tucked her head under her chest to care for the cub and breathe on it.

A few minutes later there were more contortions. This time it was only the afterbirth. As Lily rose up to eat the afterbirth, she let cold air under her, making the cub squawk and making people wonder if it was a second cub. First litters are typically 1 or 2. We listened long and hard today but never heard two cub voices.

Now at 8:23 PM, we think Lily is done. She had a single cub.

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  1. WOW...she s a girl..that'why she look soo cool :)
    I'm wonder what she thinking..where here thoughs are in this picture..anyway is a good picture


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